PICT19562Colin Baker, pastor at Grays Baptist Church and chair of Transformation Thurrock, was interviewed on BBC Radio Essex last Sunday morning (8 May).

Colin appeared on Ian Wyatt’s early morning show from 8.10am to about 8.30am in his capacity as the Rock Thurrock Core Team Leader.

Ian asked Colin a variety of questions about Rock Thurrock, its purpose and aims, and about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

Colin in turn explained a bit about Rock Thurrock and its various parts – the training for youth and adults, the Community Action Projects, the main events in September, and the follow-up – and talked also about the live satellite links at the State Cinema in 1989 when Billy Graham himself was last in the UK.

Ian was interested PICT19552whether the music at the main events was going to be gospel, so Colin explained the three bands playing represent a mixture of contemporary styles – hip-hop (LZ7), rock (Empire Nation), and gospel soul (Beautiful Remnant).

This section of the interview was followed by a brief discussion of some news items and a look at a couple of notable articles in the Sunday morning newspapers.

Colin has been invited back to BBC Essex Radio around the time of the Rock Thurrock main events at Thurrock’s Civic Hall on the weekend of 24/25 September.

You can hear Colin’s interview here (this is the whole 3hr show so fast forward to 2hrs 10mins in!):

The Rock Thurrock team would like to thank Ian Wyatt and BBC Radio Essex for this opportunity.

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