Some folk from Thurrock are just coming to the end of the two-year European School of Supernatural Life (ESSL) course held at Eastgate, aka North Kent Community Church in Northfleet, between Gravesend and Ebbsfleet.

Eastgate is a fellowship where it’s unusual for the miraculous not to occur in one form or another. They have influence in the community, with their council, across the county and well beyond. People come to the ESSL not only from along the north Kent coast but all around the M25, London and south Essex. A former New Frontiers church, Eastgate has relational links with Bethel Church in Redding, California.

From the windows of Eastgate, the four turbines at Tilbury dominate the view. Thurrock is in its sights.

So those of us who have been going to the ESSL often stand at the windows and pray for those turbines to catch the wind of the Spirit of what God is doing and propel it over our own side of the river… bringing extravagant blessing, unspeakable joy, outrageous grace, undeniable healing, abundant life, eternal hope, Fatherheart love, Kingdom reality, everpresent Presence, revival now – heaven’s invasion of earth.

The ESSL involves attending an evening every other week for a two-hour long time of storytelling, worship and teaching. Each year consists of 3 terms of 7 evenings each and a Saturday of practical worships and workshops. There is a charge for the course, but it’s more than worth it.

It is because of the ESSL that Transformation Thurrock has embarked on the Firestarter training. Complementing the borough’s wonderful social justice ministries that are bringing Christians together and touching lives, becoming more ‘naturally supernatural’ brings into being what Jesus meant when he said that we would do ‘greater things’ than him.

What Thurrock people are saying about the ESSL course

Being on this course has changed my life. Dave Matthams (82)

ESSL teaches you who you are and what your identity is as a Christian. That is key to know before anything else. It is a well – a deep deep well of life in the presence of Holy Spirit where you are activated into your calling. If you want to go deeper and further with God, if you are struggling to accept your identity and authority as a child of God then GO!! You won’t regret it! Tracey Moyes

I would encourage people to go to ESSL as it will challenge most people’s concept of the Father’s love for them, the power of Holy Spirit, and the completeness of the work of Jesus. Andy Blakey

The ESSL course has given me a deeper understanding about who God says I am, and of my freedom and ‘unpunishability’. I have been encouraged to use the gifts of the Spirit in new ways and been given a much greater confidence to talk about Jesus. If you’re looking for increased practical revelation, then this is for you. Tim Harrold

If you want to begin to see and do the things Jesus did, this is a place to go. It’s being totally emmersed in God’s love outside the box.
If you’re dry and hungry for more and want to get some good teaching this is a place to be.
 Jan Blakey

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