IMG0924Last Saturday evening (15 October) 13-year-old Sam Jones (right, with his dad, Gary) was chief quiz master at a fundraising event for the annual BBC Children In Need appeal.

Seven teams entered the competition, which was mostly lighthearted and involved lots of computer graphics and a fair smattering of Dr Who and other Sci Fi questions.

Sam was ably helped by Adam Frost who was in charge of the sound desk – and asked the questions in the difficult-to-pronounce Parts of the Body round.

IMG0922One particularly amusing round was the Guess the Food round. The picture on the left shows Adam and Sam seeing if Vera Harrold can work out what she’s eating. The answer ‘baked beans’ wasn’t good enough – it had to be ‘COLD baked beans’! And it was DIET lemonade, not just lemonade!

The winning team was called The Thurrock  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with a score of 105. This team was made up (mostly) of about 8 young adults from Thurrock Christian Fellowship.
Coming in a plucky second was Monkey Business with a creditable 95 – not bad for only four people, one of whom was a year 7 student, but who had an exhaustive knowledge of children’s TV and films.

Gary said afterwards, “There was an all-age mix of questions – I noticed some of kids really getting involved. They realised they knew answers the adults did not!”

£200 was raised. Well done Sam!